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Alzheimer’s Daze is a new site created because of my experience of observing Alzheimer’s and dementia residents in our home, which is an RCFE Licensed by the State of California. It’s been a fourteen year journey from start to now and a real lesson on the problems with Alzheimer’s people and how to cope with them.

However, as much as I have to say, and it’s a lot, I just don’t have time to update the site like I would like to do. So I am asking for a volunteer to help maintain the site. It has to be someone who can learn to update WordPress sites. It’s easy, but still takes a little learning and minimal practice. All of which I can teach you if you are really interested.

I prefer someone that does not have a website and maybe wants one, but doesn’t really know that much about all this web “stuff”. For that type of person, in return for helping to maintain this site for a minimum of four months, I will put up a nice WordPress site for you and host it for free for a year. I will toss in a free domain name too. Depending on the topic of the site I will start it off with 10 custom written articles and make your site SEO (you want this) and get it listed very fast in Google and Yahoo search engines.

3/10/2014: Some of this has changed in the past couple of years. It is not necessary to add new articles every two days, most promoting the site is by social marketing / Facebook / Google+ / Twitter / Linkedin, etc. CLICK HERE to find out more about me

I have lots of other “stuff” related to how to make money online that I can give you too. The real requirement is someone willing to update the site on a regular basis. If I cannot create content fast enough I will pay someone to do it for me if necessary so you will have content to add on a regular basis.



I would like to be able to add a new article every other day if at all possible. With WordPress you can have a bunch of articles or other content and set them to publish whatever date/time you want in the future. This means you have great flexibility and can easily arrange your time. Depending on your skills it will take from 15 minutes to maybe an hour and a half to add a new piece of content (like an article) to the site. It becomes easier after you have done it a few times. Some articles I can add in five minutes, others take up to an hour or more, depending on if everything goes right the first time. In my case since I am creating the content I am editing and changing words and correcting grammar so it takes a lot longer than it will probably take you once you do a few updates.

In the event I don’t have enough articles to keep you busy on this site I have another site(s) where you can do the same so it will average about an article every other day.

Please contact me if you are interested. I will pick the best qualified person or the person that sounds like they sincerely want to help. The website bonus is just that for volunteering to help me. If the site was producing money I could pay you, but it is new and will not create any decent money unless it has a lot of traffic. That is a long and difficult process, unless someone who likes Twitter or the other big social networking sites wants to volunteer to tweet about the site. I just don’t have time with all my other sites trying to keep them up.

In the event there are several people that are really interested I have several other sites with the same problem/offer for volunteers.


Send us your experiences caring for dementia and/or Alzheimer’s persons

September 20th 2008 - Window to the SoulIf you have an experience taking care of someone with dementia and Alzheimer’s you wish to share – good, bad, or indifferent, please send us an email stating so, or include it in the email. If appropriate, we will publish it on the site. All submissions published will be acknowledged and you will be told when it will appear on the site. All submissions become the property of Alzheimer’s Daze.



keyboardWhere permitted, readers can add a comment in reference to an article, news, or anywhere else comments are permitted. If you wish to make a general comment or a comment not related to an article you can Comment Here.


Writers Wanted

RemingtonIf you have ongoing experience with either dementia or Alzheimer’s persons and can write up your experiences I would be glad to publish them for you on this site. You would be the author and receive full credit for them. This could possibly help you in the future or prepare you for a site of your own if you do not have one. I cannot pay you, but you will get to be known if your articles are good. I could also, if your articles are good enough, and original, submit some of them to EzineArticles for distribution around the Web. Contact me if you have articles you can write concerning Alzheimer’s or dementia.


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