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RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly)

Transcribed by Bobby Blueblood

What is an RCFE?

I don’t know the technical definition for a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly or RCFE, but after I find it I will add it here. In the meantime it is a very small facility (in most cases) where elderly people go to live.

Because they are usually in a home or home-like setting it’s like getting semi-personal care as opposed to a convalescent home where one worker can be made to handle a lot of clients or residents, as the State forced me to say. This is my RCFE rant because I disagree with the unfairness of the whole system.

Warning! This is dangerous stuff I am revealing. Please keep it to yourself. I am certain there could be a lot of controversy about what is revealed here. I wish I could reveal names and places, but you’ll see why I can’t. I’d be revealing too much.

Imagine, I got chastised for challenging their Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) assessment of some so-called problems they wrote us up for. I used a word they didn’t like in my appeal and they almost hung me up to dry for using that word instead of their word. The word I used was an ordinary word (not derogatory or bad), but one almost anyone with a service business would use.


Dec 3, 2011

It is now over three years since I started this blog and I’ll just say I feel the same way I originally did when I wrote this. Basically this Residential Care Facility for the Elderly business is essentially a business run for the State since they have so much control over it. You have to answer to the state (California in this case) for virtually everything you do.

Although there are people in this business that do very well, that doesn’t change how I feel. I am speaking of the business itself and the fact that the State has almost total say in everything concerning the business. That includes things you cannot do when taking care of the people.

You’ll have to read this rant as it tells some of the many reasons why I feel this way. Mentioned directly above, I alluded to a word many/most people use when they have a business where they serve or service people. They call them their clients. Well that is strictly a no-no in this business. They are residents and not clients.


Residential Care Facility for the ElderlyThere are different categories of licenses for RCFEs from a 6-bed like we have to a 15-bed, and many more bed facilities. Actually there can be less than 6-beds since I know of people that have only two beds.



We were originally licensed for four beds, but then I decided to give up my office room and that added two more beds which we had to have approved and get our license upgraded.

I could rant on and on about this business, but I’ll refrain myself (it’s only been 8 pages so far) somewhat. RCFEs are generally a small business caring for mostly elderly that have some type of problem(s) or another. Some do well in it, while others struggle.

Alzheimer's Choking Misery

Some buy nice cars and have fabulous homes, while others are starving. It depends on a lot of factors which category anyone will be in who runs this type of business. In general it can take a few 6-bed facilities to make it a worthwhile business.

That’s a very quick overview leaving out a lot of minor things and one big major bugaboo. That’s the whole idea behind this business and how it’s run. The idea is to provide a nice setting for those you care for in a setting more personal than a convalescent or an assisted care facility.
More of my RCFE rant to follow. […]

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