Dementia Man: Three-month Review

Dementia Man: Three-month Review

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

When it comes to dementia there may be no typical case. Everyone has their own problems. About all you can say is they are confused sometimes. They may do strange things or maybe not. Some seem to “see things” or hallucinate, while others do not. They could be perfectly ok one minute and seem like a crazy person the next.

April – June 2008

With that in mind our experiences these three months with Mr. Q should be looked upon as what is happening to a specific person and not as a general case. Even though it was very recently discovered he needed help that the family could not provide, Mr. Q has an advanced case of dementia/Alzheimer according to his records.

I don’t know how one decides what separates a severe case of these sicknesses from a less severe one, but now after three months with him if I had to make a judgment myself, I would consider it a relatively severe case too. I base this on the daily struggles needed to keep him clean, his almost total ignoring of things he is asked to do, and many other things that someone in their right mind would definitely not do.

Mr. Q’s dementia/Alzheimer’s problems

Although we have had a LOT of problems with him he is not a violent person. I really feel sorry for him because sometimes I think he really does not know what he is doing wrong. Most of the things he is doing “wrong” are little minor things. However the combination of so many times he does them with what he does can be extremely irritating and very difficult to deal with, especially without getting upset.

Elsewhere in previous posts I have detailed some of the things that have occurred. Well most of these are continuing, but some are occurring less frequently.


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