A Mixed Up Dementia Day


A Quiet, but Mixed Up Dementia Day

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Today was a quiet day for Mr. Q. It started off normal – problems getting his clothes on properly – ignoring my wife altogether – wanting to jump right back in bed, etc. I again had to be called to command Mr. Q to behave. It didn’t work, but somehow I had to almost drag him to the table for breakfast. I walked away and he got up and I got him back to the table. After a few rounds like that he stayed put. That has been the routine lately.

Almost every day there is a problem with him obeying in the morning. It has been getting out of hand lately with him grabbing Laureta and fighting to stay in his room, not leaving the bathroom, not going to the table for breakfast and more. It seems like now he will only obey me – when he feels like it and that has been little lately.

He is very constipated and we tried to get him to drink some fluids with little success. I got firm with him and he cooperated for a little while and drank some Milk of Magnesia, some prune juice, and I finally tricked him to drink some water. He has been refusing to drink any water since he has been here and that greatly affects his doing #2.

Mr. Q is now showing definite signs of dementia. He is constantly forgetting that he just asked me the time. After lunch he has been asking what time is it, Is it time to go to bed? Today I was also gone for about three hours, but when I got back home at two-thirty this afternoon he had already started asking what time was it.

His voice was getting much better and he was saying whole sentences for the last two weeks. However, now he has reverted back to hardly talking and his voice is real shaky like when he first came here.

I got him to go take a nap – but he was thoroughly confused. He didn’t even know how to climb in bed. This has happened many times and it is hard to believe someone cannot figure out how to get in bed. Yes definite signs of dementia are more common now. He is “out of it” much more lately than before.

I never mentioned much about it, but Mr. Q is taking some medicine. A minimum amount to control his wandering and the dementia. His three pills are dwarfed by the other two residents who take many times what he takes. One of them has a light case of dementia.

I’d say Mr. Q has a serious case of dementia. Almost unbelievable it could happen so fast (we guess within the last year it became serious). No one knew Mr. Q had any serious problem until it was too late. This was mainly because from what I gather Mr. Q was a loner. He did not let his close family (sisters) come visit him, except when he first moved to his last place.

<if I am wrong correct me. I was not there where Mr. Q lived.>

Mr. Q went to bed about two hours ago. I hope there is no problem tonite when/if he gets up. Sometimes there is.

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