Ignoring Everything


Dementia – Alzheimer’s Problems: Ignoring Everything

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Today was not a good day for Mr. Q. It started when he got up this morning. We had a very difficult time getting him to follow directions. He didn’t want to get up. He put on the wrong kind of clothes.

He wouldn’t take them off. He grabbed and almost shoved the caregiver into the wall fighting about his clothes.

He took clothes out of the closet and put on the heaviest sweater, but we could not get him to take it off. It was way too hot to have that on.

Finally we had to remove many of his clothes from the closet because they are winter clothes and hide them. He kept trying to find them.

He wouldn’t sit still at the table for breakfast and kept getting up. It was difficult to get him to the table when it was time to eat lunch.

ignoring everything

I talked to him for a few minutes this afternoon and asked him why he was ignoring everything we told him. I got no good answer, but he understood me, or so it seemed.

Finally he fell asleep an hour after dinner and slept an hour and a half on the couch. He does this almost every evening before bedtime.

My wife thinks his medicine for reducing saliva is causing him not to think as clearly as before. He has been taking samples for three days to stop his excessive spitting saliva. Apparently that pill also affects his going to the bathroom too. We will to resolve these problems (I hope).

I never mentioned (or did I) that Mr. Q refuses to drink water. That has been a major problem because it causes him constipation and he does not do his no. 2 business regularly. It is very difficult to get him to drink enough liquids to allow him to do poo poo without problems. We have yet figured out how to get him to drink enough liquids.

He keeps refusing most of the time. He uses the excuse that drinking fills up his bladder. He is just like all the ladies we have had and the two we have now – they refrain from drinking enough liquids because they don’t want to keep going to the bathroom.

I don’t know if this is common or not but I think all the ladies we have ever had, and there have been several at least, all use the excuse of going to the bathroom as a way to drink way too few liquids. As a result they have constipation problems too.

They take medicine to make them go poo poo. Seems a waste to me to essentially force yourself to take medicine just because you won’t drink enough liquids for your body to function properly.

Mr. Q went to bed with no problems.

Its 12:11 am and he got up and went to the bathroom. He has been in bed about four hours. No problems like he often has. Also as far as we know he has stopped going into the other residents bedroom in the middle of the night when he gets up to go to the bathroom. As a safety precaution I have been shutting their doors at nite before I go to bed (usually at 1am – 3am).

Finally, that’s it for today.

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