A Good Alzheimer’s Day


Today was another Good Alzheimer’s disease Day

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Yesterday was another good day for all of us. Well maybe not quite so good for the other residents since Mr. Q constantly tries to go in the bathroom when someone else is in there. It’s real difficult to stop him sometimes. We have told the residents to lock the door, but half the time or more they don’t and that’s when Mr. Q will either go in or try to go in. It’s quite frustrating – he normally pays no attention to us when we ask him not to go in there when someone is in the bathroom.

There were no significant problems with Mr. Q at all. Just minor things and they weren’t biggies. He even went to take a nap without problems. At night when he goes to bed it was not a problem at all. Often it’s a big problem since he is often confused and doesn’t even seem to know what the bed is sometimes, let along get in it.

There was no problem with him wandering outside like sometimes. However he made up for it and a lot more by wandering the house for hours.

Good day yesterday (Tuesday) and I hope tomorrow will turn out ok too.

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