Constipation Problems

Constipation has its Problems

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

In my previous post I forgot to mention Mr. Q was highly constipated. That’s why it was so important for him to have a bowel movement. He does not drink enough liquids or water so it is always a problem to do poo poo naturally.

He is not the only one here with that problem. There are two ladies here and they too have constipation problems. We try to get them to drink enough water so it will not be a problem, but it’s a losing battle. They do just like Mr. Q does and sip, a baby sip of their water. They have to be told to drink water very often, and it does little good. As a result they have problems with doing poo poo too. One of them has the same flawed reason Mr. Q does about water. She does not want to keep going to the bathroom so as a result she does not want to drink hardly any water. She probably wouldn’t any if not prodded to do so many times a day.

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