Clothing Problem


Alzheimer’s – Dementia Clothing Problem

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Sunday May 18th 2008

Mr. Q gave us a very hard time in the morning regarding his clothes. I had to intercede because he was fighting to keep his dirty clothes on. That whole episode took about twenty minutes or longer because he totally ignored us when we trued to coax him to let go of his dirty clothes and to put on new clothes.

Mr Q. cannot seem to take any advice or instructions contrary to what he is doing or wants to do regarding his clothing. This generally means we have to compromise and he unfortunately gets his way with his clothing more times than not. Seems like we should be able to let him where what he wants, within reason, but the State and County definitely would not understand or agree if they, or an ombudsman (or woman) came in and saw him dressed funny. That could easily be a several hundred or several thousand dollar fine! Yes, some of their fines are even in the multiples of $10,000 for some small infraction of their screwed up rules and regulations. Worse that that it is a total conflict of interest when the department (CCL) derives part of their income from fines they levy on these little businesses.

Since they have a nasty habit of coming in unannounced we are in jeopardy every time Mr. Q is wearing two hats, three pair of pants, and two shirts and double socks while walking on the patio in 90 or 100 degree weather. Even in the house that definitely would be a no no for the State. Let alone the more common occurrence of some of the other residents families coming by or nurses or other medical personnel. I could easily imagine them telling their friends “that crazy man was wearing three days clothing all at the same time with one leg of his pants rolled up a foot from the floor.” It could be much worse that that too.

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