Breakfast or Sleep?


Dementia – Alzheimer’s Man: Breakfast or Sleep?

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

This morning Mr. Q had a problem in that as soon as he was ready to eat he snuck back into his room and took off his clothes and was ready to jump into bed when we stopped him. He didn’t want to leave the bedroom and tried to shut the door to keep us out.

It took a lot to get him back out the room and back to the table where he was when this episode started. A large part of that was getting him to put his clothes back on.

This afternoon:

This afternoon after lunch he was restless, as usual, so I told him we were going to take a walk. He normally walks for exercise once or twice a day around the back and side of the house. He said he wanted his jacket and before I knew it he was…

It was a big commotion and a major problem trying to get him to take off his leather jacket. It is about ninety degrees outside and we were going to walk around the block ( a good half mile) and way too hot for a leather jacket. He had it all zipped up and resisted, but we finally got it off. He said it was cold so the caretaker,against my will, gave him a long sleeve sweater to wear.

We took a walk , uneventfully , around the block. But when we returned it was time for his nap and he refused to take one. All morning he had snuck in his room several times to go back to bed, but now he wanted nothing to do with sleeping.


Another problem he won’t take a nap. He always wants to sleep, but now he won’t stay still. He tried to go out the yard (that’s a no no unless we take him out). We spent another hour trying to calm him because he wanted to wear his leather jacket in the house.

However he could not find it since it was put somewhere he couldn’t get it. He wouldn’t stay seated, wouldn’t take a nap, and wouldn’t do anything we asked.

After spending ten minutes or so explaining to him what he was doing wrong I could see I was getting nowhere so I left in disgust. My wife went into his bedroom and finally got him to go back to bed. Don’t know how long he will stay in bed before he gets up and does something.

Well it’s 3:04 pm and he has been in his room a few minutes. Signing off here and back to my affairs.

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