Mr. Q Behaves


Today Mr. Q Behaves

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Today, Monday, Mr. Q behaved all day. Even going to bed was no problem. He voluntarily got in bed, no fuss, no problem at all. That’s the first day like this in a long time.

Yesterday he was a terror, but today he was just the opposite. He spent the better part of the morning and afternoon outside on the patio. He mostly walked around it numerous times. He did not try to climb over the fence like yesterday. The only thing I know of him doing wrong was what my son saw out the kitchen window and I may have seen remnants of it too.

I looked out the rear patio door checking on him walking around the house. I saw him holding a plastic coffee container like the one I hid a week or two ago. It looked like he was pouring something out of it, but I was not sure as I just saw him moving the container back from over the plants. He went to the gate and placed the container on the ground.

I opened the door and asked him what he was doing, but he did not answer. I went to the kitchen and was talking with my son and told him what I saw and I wondered if Mr. Q did something wrong. My son said he just saw Mr. Q pee in the container like I had caught him doing twice before.

As if that was not enough later in the day when Mr. Q was taking a nap (I could not get him to take his daily nap yesterday) I was remarking to my son how good Mr. Q was today. He told me earlier he happened to walk in Mr. Q’s room to check on him when he saw him sneak into his room. We try to discourage Mr. Q from going into his room during the day, except for nap time because he will invariably take off his clothes and get in bed. When he does it is almost impossible to get him out. Mr. Q could have just gotten up 10 minutes before, but it would make no difference and he would fght you to stay in bed most of the time.

Well my son caught the infamous Mr. Q sneaking an empty cardboard lemonade carton into the closet and hiding it. He asked him what he was going to do with that and Mr. Q told him he put it there to pee in it. Somehow we have to get it out of Mr. Q’s mind not to be peeing in anything but the toilet. I don’t know where he got the bad habit from of not using the toilet to do his business.

That’s it for today. Mr. Q was extra good today after his terrible day yesterday. I hope tomorrow is a similar good day. Could it be that Mr. Q was being so nice today after knowing full well of his self-caused problems the previous day? I believe that Mr. Q was well aware of his misdeeds yesterday and was not confused at all when he was doing them.

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