Alzheimer Madness Again


Alzheimer’s disease Madness Strikes Again

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Today has been a crazy day for Mr. Q who has dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There are too many things to write here, but I will say that today was probably the worst day since he has been here. I said that yesterday, but I was gone about two and a half hours yesterday so I missed some of his stubbornness. Today, however, I was unfortunately home all day with him.

It’s too depressing to say much I am tired of it so I will only say little compared to what I could say.

It started in the morning when he would not obey about putting his clothes on. Then he would not go to the table to eat breakfast. After a big commotion he was at the table and got up several times. He wouldn’t sit still. Then sometime after breakfast there was a fight trying to get him to do something with his clothes. He was hitting the caretaker with his fists. There were three times, I think, where he fought with Laureta (caretaker) because of something with his clothes.

He kept asking about going to bed (for his nap) oh so many times. When it was time to go he refused to get in bed. It was a problem, a big one, getting him to get in the bed. It was totally unsuccessful. I finally gave up. Then he wouldn’t sit still. I had things to do, but never could get even a few minutes to myself due to Mr. Q misbehaving. Finally he fell asleep on the couch. I locked the doors and went out to water the grass. I didn’t stay out but about fifteen minutes before I decided I’d better cut it short and check on him.

When I went inside Mr. Q was gone. One of the other residents had decided to unlock the patio door and go outside without telling me. Apparently Mr. Q had extrasensory perception and woke up and went outside – the very thing I was trying to keep him from doing. I was furious as the other resident knew I was trying to keep him inside since he was totally disobeying everything today and fighting us. I looked out the window and saw Mr. Q just about on top of the block-wall fence. I didn’t have my shoes on and ran outside in the dirt and thorns and grabbed him as he was about to fall on the other side of the wall into some rose bushes.

Needless to say I was really furious. After I calmed down I talked to him for over an hour. It was useless. Then he started fighting with Laureta again. It is too much to detail all that happened.

I put him to bed at 8:20 pm and it was a fight. He refused to go to bed. He put on a hat and three more shirts and started fighting again. He is still fighting with my wife as I write this now….

That’s it for now. He is uncontrollable and very unruly. It looks like he is trying to dump all his clothes on the floor.

Well we had to remove all his clothes from the closet. We could not get his extra three shirts off. During all the commotion he threw my wife on the floor as she was trying to control him.

He will be up again and there may be more trouble as he refused to go to bed or take off his extra clothes. I took off his shoes about 10 times tonite in order to help keep him in bed. It was a total failure, nothing we tried worked.

He is definitely aware of his fighting and refusing to do anything we ask. Don’t know why he is doing it. Mr. Q’s bedroom door is shut, but who knows what he is up to now. It’s a serious problem with him now. Not only is he ignoring us and disobeying, he is totally refusing to do anything Laureta asks. He refuses to do most things I ask, but a very few things he will do, partly because I am stronger than him.

Now if you think Mr. Q is out of it – you are wrong. Usually when someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s is doing some of the strange things they might do they don’t realize they are doing it. Mr. Q does realize it. In fact after he was caught hopping the fence I questioned him for quite a while. He answered all my hard questions correctly. He was not mixed up or confused at all.

Later I walked him again around the patio a lot of times to get him tired hoping he would calm down. I again asked him some difficult questions to see if he was mixed up or confused. He knew virtually all the answers. Here are a few questions I asked. What was the formula for water. He instantly said H2O. No hesitation. I asked who was Albert Einstein, he replied a famous physicist and he invented The theory of Relativity. I asked what it was and he said e=mc squared.

I figured I’d stump him on an easy question that most adults probably would forget. I asked what the formula NaCl meant. He immediately answered salt, which is correct. I asked him the speed of light and he immediately answered 186,000 miles per second. Amazing. For someone with severe dementia to accurately answer such questions was amazing to me. From the questions I ask you might gather I like physics and you’d be right. I figured he would not know technical stuff like that if he was confused.

I asked what the biggest planet was. He said Saturn; the answer is Jupiter. He was real close and a mistake many might make. Anyway I asked a lot more technical questions and he answered all of them correctly except two. He was not sure what a laser was or what element was common in an atomic bomb. Questions many others might not know. (I could be somewhat off here, but the answer I was looking for was a laser is light and the atomic bomb uses uranium. The atomic bomb is more complicated that that, but uranium or enriched uranium would be an ok answer).

Mr. Q was not confused enough to get mixed up on such questions some sane (Mr. Q acts insane sometimes) people might not know.

Mr. Q has been in bed about 40 minutes and only got up I think three more times. That’s it for now.

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