Quiet and Serenity


Quiet and Serenity at Last

September 14, 2009

Mr. S has left our facility as of about two weeks ago. There is now calm and sanity here. No more worry about trying to get him off the toilet stool, no more hearing I don’t want to eat, no more new tactics to contend with.

Things are normal at this time. We have heard that Mr. S is very skinny now. He was skinny when he left here, but it’s worse now. It’s almost certain no one will try so hard to make him eat like we did. So he will get worse. He had a difficult time walking the last few weeks here and that’s because he didn’t have enough energy due to lack of food. At least that’s what we think.

Calm place to liveIt’s too bad his responsible party is perpetuating that problem by telling Mr. S he doesn’t have to eat or to leave half the food on the plate. At least that is what seemed to be happening. It was not like that when Mr. S arrived at our facility. It was only the past couple of months that Mr. S changed radically and we attribute most of that to heavy influences by his responsible party.

Now is the hard part. We have to look for another client (resident, according to the State) or two. I hope whoever we get will not have the hang-ups Mr. S had.

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