No Alzheimer’s Problems


No Alzheimer’s Problems – It’s Still Calm and Peaceful


November 19, 2009

Time seems to go by so fast nowadays and this is no exception. Our last Alzheimer’s person that was a problem left probably three months ago. It’s been unusually quiet and peaceful here since he left.

We do still have one resident who has Alzheimer’s disease and one with dementia, but they are not big problems like the previous one was.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if someone has Alzheimer’s or dementia. One of our residents seems ok for the most part. However he is taking medicine to calm him down. In fact, it seems like several medicines for the same thing. Everything he goes to the doctor it seems he ask for more medicine. There is always a complaint of some ache and of course the doctor complies. Like in Star Trek, “You will comply!”

Anyway that particular person seems rather normal almost all the time. A few days ago I was on my computer. He stopped as he passed by in the hallway and asked me if I wanted to see Sarah Palin on the Oprah Show. I said yes. He said he would call me when she was on. I looked at the clock and noticed that would be in about a half hour. I was busy and when I looked at my clock again I noticed it was 25 minutes after 3:00 when the show started. I waited a few minutes to see if he would call me. I figured she must have been on by then since the show was half over.

026/365: Gimme a clue...Still there was no call from him. I walked into the room where he was and noticed he was watching the show. I asked how long Sarah had been on. He said five minutes. I watched the remaining few minutes of the show. Apparently he had forgotten in a half hour to tell me the show was on. He had volunteered to alert me and forgot that fast.

From what was left of the show I presumed the whole show was an interview with her. Near the end of the show the resident said he might vote for her and asked me would I vote for her as vice president. I was surprised. I politely told him that McCain and Sarah Palin lost the election and it was over a year ago. He said oh. He probably forgot that happened 12 months before.

He was a whole year behind the times, thinking the election was coming up soon. That was the first time I had direct experience his memory was faulty. I had been told he had Alzheimer’s but had not seen any symptoms. The only clue I had before that incident was the medicines he was taking were the same as all the other Alzheimer’s residents we’ve had took those same medicines. Sometimes you just cannot tell if someone has Alzheimer’s disease, while other times it’s oh so obvious.

We’ll see how long the peace and quiet lasts. So far of all the Alzheimer persons we have had I think only the men have given us problems. A few caused big problems. The women have generally not been a problem and their symptoms have been less pronounced than the men.

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