Mr. S in the Hospital? – Part 2

Mr. S is Mysteriously in the Hospital – Part 2

Aug 30, 2009

Eye Am Feeling SillyThe caregiver and I were talking, waiting for Mr. S to return. The clock was ticking. Six o’clock, seven o’clock, eight o’clock and Mr. S was still not back.

We were beginning to wonder if he would even come back. Normally he would have been back hours ago. At about eight-thirty the phone rang. The responsible Party told me Mr. S was in the emergency room at the local hospital. No more information.

Sad to say, it was a real relief to see him in the hospital. At least they would feed him intravenously and he needed food badly. In addition, the pain and frustration of trying to accommodate Mr. S was too much for my wife to bear. Complicating matters greatly was the Responsible Party’s actions and undermining the care we were trying to give Mr. S.

The next day (today, Saturday) my wife called the Responsible Party and asked what time Mr. S went to the doctor. The Responsible Party beat around the bush and would not tell her after being upset that my wife asked.

My wife has to report any incident and all pertinent details within 24 hours or she will be fined and reprimanded by the State of California. She was very upset at the answer she got, which was basically a hard time.


There is a lot more to this saga, but since it is being written in real-time about a real resident I cannot reveal everything. I hope I haven’t said too much.

Mr. S is still in the hospital today. My wife went to visit him. He looked a lot better than yesterday, when he looked like he was on his death bed. Today is a real relief because Mr. S is still in the hospital.

Personally I hope he stays there a few days, but it is doubtful. Hospitals get patients out very fast. In this case the Responsible Party appears to be a very cheap person and will definitely take Mr. S out as soon as they let him.

Everything is secret about Mr. S’s insurance, if he has any and other facets of the situation why Mr. S was apparently let out or kicked out of a previous facility. There is a fantastic story we were told about Mr. S which sounded like something out of Chicago in the days of the gangsters.

I’m kind of familiar with that, since I grew up in Chicago and knew something of the Mafia, or rather the politics of the Chicago Police Department.

Time to end this tidbit of news. Tomorrow may bring another story. I have something to give to the Responsible Party that he will not like and hopefully it will make him speedily remove Mr. S from our facility.

I think I mentioned I had given the Responsible Party a 30 Day Notice to take Mr. S out of our facility.

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