Mr. S Discharged from the Hospital

Mr. S is Discharged from the Hospital

Aug 31, 2009

Two days ago I prepared a notice for Mr. S’s Responsible party that we were more than doubling the pay for Mr. S if he was not discharged by August 31st. That was the final day for him to be gone from the facility.

I had the notice ready to give to them if they came by, but no such luck. Mr. S is still in the hospital and appeared to be doing fine, according to my wife who went to visit him Saturday, two days ago.

They said he would remain in the hospital for more tests and possibly for physical therapy.

It was a real relief for Mr. S to be away from our facility! We can take a breather for a change. When he is here there is always a problem, from his attitude, his refusing to eat, and his Responsible party giving us a hard time and making accusations which are totally untrue.

I really do believe that Mr. S, although he has a very bad personality at times, would be almost ok to take care of if it wasn’t for the interference by his Responsible Party. That caused a lot of problems and they kept getting worse. My wife has been so upset because of the entire situation that she just didn’t know what to do.

Well hopefully it will be over soon or optimistically it is over now. The responsible party came by just a couple of hours ago and my wife discharged Mr. S from our facility. Mr. S is still in the hospital.

He surely doesn’t know what is going on. When my wife went to visit him there he was very nice to her. He even asked when he was coming home (to our house). My wife said she didn’t know, but underneath that was hoping he would not return.

Summing it up, Mr. S was a very nice person when he first arrived some five months ago. Except for his bad moods he was fairly easy to take care of. However it seemed to deteriorate when the Responsible party kept taking him out at mealtime on a very frequent basis.

Also about that same time another member of their family started seeing Mr. S. That was the big turning point. Mr. S’s personality got much worse more often. The accusations by the Responsible Party increased to a fever pitch, and I had enough of the entire mess.

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