Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Part 2

Alzheimer’s – dementia or what has this man got?
Part 2

Aug 28, 2009

Mr. S has a serious dementia or Alzheimer’s problem, but it is compounded by his responsible party messing around with his medicines.

They have been changed so many times in the brief time he has been with us that it appears very suspicious to us. One definitely should not be changing the medicines so frequently, especially when the resident is with us and that person cannot see his reaction to all the changes.

We personally think the responsible party is trying to save money by getting the doctor to prescribe (?) different, cheaper medicines. It’s a story in the medicines itself.

But all I will say is that the whole switching of medicines – for no apparent reason to us, is suspicious in itself. That is strange enough, but they have brought us different medicines that have a price on the bottom, like from a store, and not a pharmacy from which it should have come.

When we refused to give it to Mr. S they got angry. We told the responsible party we needed a doctor’s prescription and he was furious. My wife had to go to the residents doctor herself and get the prescription. It looked like a setup to me since they did not know she was coming, but expected her and had the so-called prescription ready and waiting.

There is more to say about the medicine and the personality changes in Mr. S, but I am treading on thin ice revealing this much. Here is what I think. His responsible party is going down across the border in Mexico and getting cheap medicine there.

That in itself is not bad. But passing it off as prescription medicine with no prescription is. That’s what happened. Only when he was threatened by us that we were not going to give it did he unwillingly say he would get a prescription for it.

I am revealing a lot here so I will end this now. More to come from me if he stays with us much longer. This is debatable since we gave the responsible party a 30 day notice to take the resident out of our facility.

There are only a few more days left and he says he has not found a place yet. We feel he is stalling because he knows he will have to pay probably twice as much and he seems to be very cheap. This is not just our opinion, but that of other family members.

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