Mr. Q Falls


Thud, Crash – Mr. Q Falls

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

A few minutes ago we heard a big thud. Everyone was sleep, but we instinctively knew it was Mr. Q up to something. He was sleep as far as we knew, having been in bed three hours. He had fallen between the bed and a small cabinet. He was sitting in his shorts, having taken off his pajama pants after we told him not to.

Mr. Q apparently had unscrewed the little nite lamp behind the cabinet. Probably he knocked the lamp down in the process. Couldn’t figure out what the thud was or why he fell. Mr. Q had unscrewed the nite lamp out before, the previous day or nite and a few other times. He apparently does not like any light in his room at night. However we need it to see because it is too dark without some light in there. There are no street lights where we live and unless the moon is bright it is very dark most nights.

I got him up , sent him to the bathroom to do his business. He had wet his clothes and refused to give me his wet underwear. This is a daily fight to get any clothes from him. I think he is scared someone will take his clothes. He is entirely irrational when it comes to letting anyone take his clothes or remove them.

He did his business in the bathroom and we got him back to bed. He was thoroughly confused although he didn’t say a word, but could hardly walk. His sleeping pill usually knocks him out and if he is confused too he is really lost somewhere in his mind. Eleven-thirty and he is back in bed. Let’s see if he stays in bed the rest of the night.

If you are dealing with someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s you can expect these and all sorts of problems like Mr. Q has. Everyone with the disease is different and may do different things, but there is usually something noticeable that is not quite right other than their memory problems.

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