A Caretaker’s Nightmare


This Morning was a Caretaker’s Nightmare

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Some people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are not really a problem or at least not a big problem. There were a lot of problems today, but I will only mention a few.

First this morning Mr. Q wanted to get back in bed after getting up. He just would not stay out the room and kept getting in bed. It got so bad we had to hide the blanket, sheets and anything related to the bed. Mr. Q hides his pants, comb, jacket, or anything he can find sometimes in or under his bed. We have had to resort to removing all his clothes out his closet since that was a MAJOR problem and an ongoing problem.

After several times of the same thing of Mr. Q sneaking back to his room and going to bed my wife was pooped having to make up the bed several times only to have him mess it up again. She wasn’t happy about it because if the State/County comes by (and they make surprise visits) she will be written up and possibly fined because of an unmade bed.

Mr. Q didn’t stop there. When his bed was finally barren he went to another resident’s room and took their bedspread and blanket and tried to put on his bed. This scenario happened at least twice. Then we suspect he put a lot of toilet paper in the toilet and it became clogged. He pays no attention to us when we instruct him what to do in the bathroom. It is a big problem because we have a septic tank and once it is full too fast it will back up poop and nasty water into the house. Mr. Q contributes a big share of that since he goes to the bathroom and spits in the sink several dozen times every day. When he does he often leaves the water running and uses many cups of water to rinse down the spit. We haven’t been able to change that situation. The medicine the doctor prescribed made him coo coo so something else might be needed or we will have to deal with the problem – which is what we have been doing.

Lunch was a problem and he only ate a miniscule lunch and dinner. I somehow got him to pay attention to me for fifteen minutes and drink his juice and milk, both of which he needs since drinking liquids is a made-up problem for him. He claims he has a bladder problem and that is why he is not drinking. He has no bladder problem. It’s in his head. In addition Mr. Q drinks sips and it could take him twenty minutes to drink a small (maybe 3 or 4 oz glass of juice, milk, etc. If I don’t stand there right beside him he usually won’t drink anything when he is in one of his moods. That’s often.

I just heard Laureta say a whole roll of toilet paper was gone since this morning and the other residents used virtually none today. I hope the toilet does not back up tonite or tomorrow. It has several times since Mr. Q has been here where before it was very rare.

There was more, but Mr. Q is in bed now. I put him to bed an hour ago. That was a problem, as like usual, he puts the cover back up and walks out the room – not seeming to understand it is bed time. Strange, since today, like many nights, and even nap-time, he ask dozens of times or more what time is it, expecting to go to bed hours before bed-time. Then when its time to actually go to bed he refuses to get in bed.

I hope its over for today. Laureta is tired and still bruised up from encounters with him. So am I (tired) since I got no rest trying to keep track of Mr. Q.

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