A Typical Alzheimer’s Day


Not your Typical Alzheimer’s Day: It was Worse

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Monday, May 26, 2008 Memorial day

Today should be a holiday, but it was far from it with Mr. Q. He was in rare form today – rare meaning not in good shape. His dementia was really showing. There were way to many problems to elaborate on them all so I will only mention a few.

There were some problems with his clothes when he got up.

Then as usual he ignored everything we asked him to do.

There was no cooperation at all with Mr. Q. He only did as he wished and ignored everything else.

He looked real silly wearing a dress men’s hat with a baseball cap on top of that. This really smacks of dementia.

He later pis.ed all over himself.

Then sometime later he did bm all over the toilet (not in the toilet) and on himself.

He fought with us as we tried to get him to undress to take a shower.
Giving him a shower was another problem in itself as he would not cooperate.

Because of his wetting his clothes lately he now has a diaper. Unfortunately he has now changed his habits and in now taking off his underwear. We cannot get him to keep the diapers or any underwear on anymore. He takes off his underwear and hides it.

Mr. Q got up from his nap and came out his bedroom naked. When we spotted him we corrected that.

There was the typical problem of getting him to stay in bed at night time.

Later we heard a noise in his room and went see what happened. He was messing around in his closet. But there was a problem and I almost got electrocuted. Mr Q. usually unscrews the nite-lite bulb. I reached for it to screw it back in. It was missing and I almost got electrocuted sticking my finger in the dark into the little bulb socket.

That’s it with no detail. Today is finally over. There was lot’s of dementia madness today, but only a few things were stated here.


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