Almost an Ordinary Day


Almost an Ordinary Day – Dementia Aside

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Sunday May 25, 2008
Mr. Q almost acted like an ordinary person without dementia today. No excessive wandering, no major problems with his clothes, no problem getting him up and to the table to eat breakfast. This could be a model day, one to strive for everyday. Wishful thinking!

Mr. Q went to bed about 8:30 pm. There was little problem getting him to bed. Lately, for a long time he is usually “out of it” at bedtime. He generally does not seem to know what go to bed means.

He did get up three times over a couple of hours period. Each time he spent about ten to fifteen minutes spitting in the sink and rinsing it down the drain. Of all the things about Mr. Q, spitting has priority over everything else. It also causes the most problems aside from clothing and grabbing issues.

After about 10:30 pm he stayed in his room – I am assuming he is sleep. He removes the night-lite so we cannot see in there without opening the door and awaking him. We certainly don’t want to wake him as that will very likely start problems with him forgetting he is to be sleep and us having to watch him all over again for maybe an hour or two until we can convince him it is past his bedtime and to get in bed and stay there. That’s hard to do when his mind is elsewhere.


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