Mr. S in the Hospital?

Mr. Q

Mr. S is Mysteriously in the Hospital

Aug 29, 2009

And the saga goes on. The whole situation with Mr. S is really one of disbelief. Yesterday Mr. S didn’t want to eat lunch. That in itself is not unusual for him. It happens almost every other day. Because of it, he is getting weaker and weaker. Trying to convince Mr. S to eat usually ends in utter failure. However, once in a while he will take heed and eat.

One never knows when he will refuse breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a toss of the dice. I’d hate to ever bet that he will eat any particular meal. To complicate matters, his responsible party comes almost every day or two just at meal time. Nine times out of ten he will take Mr. S out, usually saying “I’m taking him to the doctor”.

At first I believed him, but the frequency is so often that it’s almost impossible he really could be taking him to the doctor. Once in a while he will say “I’m thinking him out to lunch”, but that’s getting old and neither I nor my wife believes it anymore.

We know that the times he comes and stays while Mr. S eats that he almost always prompts Mr. S not to eat much. Sometimes he says that’s too much food for Mr. Q. Once, my wife caught him taking some of the food off of Mr. S’s plate and putting it in the garbage.


Mr. S does not like to speak English. He only speaks another language when his children come to visit him. My wife knows some of his language and the things she says the Responsible Party says is not only insulting to her, but are things some, like me would hit him for or kick him out of the house.

Back to Mr. S. About a half hour after he sat down to eat lunch the caregiver told my wife that Mr. S was sleep at the table. My wife went to wake him up, but had no success. About that time the Responsible Party came.

It was meal time and they both were able to wake him up. Once woke he said he didn’t want to eat lunch. Three people helped him get up from the table and help walk him to his room to go to bed.

That took about ten minutes to go about twenty feet because Mr. S seemed like he couldn’t walk. The Responsible Party left quickly and said he would be back. Three hours later the Responsible party was back and said he was taking Mr. S to the doctor.

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