Mr. S Discharged from the Hospital Part 2

Mr. S is Discharged from the Hospital Part 2

Aug 31, 2009

I virtually forced my wife to put Mr. S out to avoid everything that was going on. She was reluctant to at first, but repeated serious problems with Mr. S and the Responsible Party made her come around.

We gave Mr. S’s belongings back to the Responsible Party. I had to go make a copy of the inventory because both my scanner and fax scanner were on the blink. In the process I had to give a copy of the inventory to the Responsible Party.

In no uncertain terms, I told them how I felt about all the untrue allegations made against my wife about the care of Mr. S.

There was about a five minute discussion about the matter. The blame was put on the other family member mostly and the seasonal disposition of Mr. S. I told them I knew they had probably told the doctor not to put dementia or Alzheimer’s disease on the medical records.

They didn’t disagree. The Responsible Party apologized, sort of, by making excuses about Mr. S’s disposition and family matters from one of Mr. S’s children that instigated the problems.

Is it over? Well maybe. Let’s just wait and see. The Responsible Party should receive the big pay increase letter tomorrow. Of course since Mr. S was officially discharged today the notice has no meaning anymore. The Responsible Party also forgot something which by its very nature indicates a high probability there is a trip back here to get it. It is not Mr. S’s belongings or anything of theirs.

hospital care

I wonder how Mr. S will feel after being in the hospital and expecting to come back to our house only to be sent somewhere else, again. I don’t think he will be happy. In fact I think he will be angry with his Responsible party for essentially causing circumstances which forced us to discharge him.

Now it’s time to take a break. Mr. S is gone. A month earlier our Alzheimer resident of almost seven years passed away. And a month or two before that Mr. A left, a lonely and dejected man due to his big fit of anger where the police sent him away with the paramedics to the hospital, never to return here.

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