A Messy Rainy Day


Mr. Q and another Messy Rainy Day

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Friday, May 23, 2008

Today was forecast as another rainy day. After the tornadoes close by yesterday I halfway expected more of the same today minus the tornadoes. It happened like that. It has been raining on and off most of the day today. However it has not rained very hard right here in Lake Elsinore where I live. That doesn’t mean much, however, because sometimes just a half mile away in Lake Elsinore, it might be pouring down rain and none or very slight sprinkles occur on the four streets around my house. Somehow the clouds usually seem to go right over us and let off their rain a few blocks from here. Behind us is Cleveland National Forest and it is about 3300 feet elevation whereas we are at about 1400 ft elevation. The clouds often zip right over us.

It started off bad today because Mr. Q paid no attention to what we asked him to do. Same as yesterday. He kept running back to his room as soon as he got up trying to get back in bed. Typical, he kept asking what time was it because he wanted to go back to bed.

My son spotted him going back in his room (that’s the kiss of death most of the time) a lot of times early in the morning right after breakfast. It turned out that Mr. Q sh.t all over his clothes. This was after we had asked him oh so many times to stay seated on the toilet stool and do his poo poo. He totally ignores us when it comes to anything in the bathroom (and clothing). His paying no attention to what we ask him to do or suggest often leads to a lot of problems and sometimes ugly situations.

This was an ugly situation as he got the bm all over his clothes, and his legs, socks, shoes, pants….. well you get the point. That forced us (and it took two of us) to spend another hour and a half cleaning him and giving him a bath. Naturally it happened like yesterday when the caretaker had to help the other resident confined to a wheel chair to get up in the morning. Last night it happened when that same lady had to go to bed and she was 90 minutes late, with caretaker doing extra duty with Mr. Q because he would not stay still long enough on the stool to do poo poo.

It seems almost unbelievable something so simple as going to the bathroom can cause so much trouble. Mr. Q is bringing it unto himself because he refuses to pay attention to what we ask him to do. When I ask him about it later he is almost always mum about why he refuses to do as we ask. Once in a while he says he does not know, but the majority of times he is silent. Dead silent.

Mr. Q is usually well aware of his actions. If I question him right after something like today or yesterday when he caused big problems he remembers all the details. Sometimes he is “out of it” and in those cases it is much easier to understand, but when he is not out of it, it is really bewildering sometimes.

When I try to reason with him or explain in great detail the consequences (like getting crap all over himself and the sofa, rug, clothes, toilet, floor, etc.) he seems to understand but has no explanation why he would do such things. Mr. Q is not incontinent, like pis.ing all over himself and doing poo poo on a daily or regular basis like some we have had who really could not control themselves. Maybe he is just rebelling over his situation, or does not care of any consequences of anything he does.

When Mr. Q does things like force himself into the bathroom when someone is going in or coming out, only to go in there and maybe spit in the sink or just be in there to pee. when he just came out a minute before that, his behavior is not normal. We still haven’t been able to break him of that habit. I know the other residents get really upset sometimes because it seems so unnecessary.

Gotta run. Mr. Q needs watching. The other caretaker is leaving and the owner caretaker went to the other house to settle some problems there. Mr. Q just finished eating and I am going to try to wait to give him his night-time medicine until right before bedtime. Hopefully that will give him more time to sleep and not get up early in the am and get into mischief.


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