Eating Alkaline Foods


Eating Alkaline Foods Can Help Prevent Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Other Diseases!

By Tricia Croft

It is so important to read food labels. We know that you don’t have much time to do that, so we try to do some of that research for you. It is getting to the point that I would like to take a Lap-Top with me shopping so I can look up ingredients to see what they are!

Along with my hearts desire to inform people about how an Alkaline pH can help prevent cancer, is an equal desire to help with Alzheimer’s. As I do research I have been collecting anything about Aluminum that I could find.

Scientist, say that it causes forgetfulness. I am always reading labels and looking for hidden chemicals or other harmful things that the food manufactures want us to overlook! One of the products that I had never read the label on was the bags of shredded cheese that we use for our tacos.

After reading this label and looking up every single item on it; we will no longer be eating any thing that has the ingredient “Anti-Caking Agent.” This term is being used to hide some nasty stuff, including Aluminum!

It also has Powdered Cellulose in it. This is a dietary fiber that is not digestible by humans! Now, I am looking at all cheese. If you knew that sliced cheese had Aluminum in it, would you be ordering those cheese-burgers?

We go to garage sales hunting for glass cookware. Now we have a few pieces, and the hunt continues so that we can cook without getting Aluminum off the pans into our food. Another healthy thing to do is to eliminate any antiperspirant from your daily routine. Using Deodorants instead, is one more way of removing Aluminum from your life.

Here is another idea for fighting Alzheimer’s! Think about what an acidic pH does to your brain. Toxic Acidic Waste causes inflammation there. This inflammation could slow blood flow to brain cells! Research shows that Vitamin E could prevent this inflammation, because it can clear away Acidic Waste! While Vitamin E is cleaning up, it also brings oxygen to brain cells.

Vegan SandwichAre you wondering if an Alkaline pH can help with AIDS? I think that having a balanced pH can help with everything! People that I know, that fell victim to AIDS didn’t die from the virus itself.

So there has to be hope from maintaining an Alkaline pH! AIDS weakens a person’s immune system. So does sugar, a low pH, and other diseases. If you have the AIDS virus, you need to keep your pH in balance. At least, that would help you prevent other diseases from attacking your health!

A few years ago my husband had a heart attack. We received a crash course on eating healthy, before he left the hospital. However, none of the advice from the Doctors in the Heart Center covered a Healthy pH. During my research I learned the need to take minerals.

I have encouraged my husband to start taking calcium, because I learned that Heart Disease is caused by cell deterioration caused by calcium deficiency. Calcium also helps to increase pH. My husband has faithfully walked two miles a day since that Heart Attack, and lost 115 pounds.

Not until we started working on increasing his pH, and increasing his calcium intake did the Doctor find it necessary to lower the dosages of the heart medicine that he had prescribed. We are so happy for this improvement in my husband’s health. Paying less for medicine is pretty wonderful, too.

We have carefully built a web-site with “FREE” information on how to maintain a Healthy pH! That was done to show you that we care about your health, and understand the frustrations that come from not getting enough time with your Doctor. Our goal is to help make America a healthier place!

The Author of this article is not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to an individual reader. Ideas and suggestions found here are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician.

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