Mr. S Discharge Papers Signed


The Actual Discharge Papers Were Signed for Mr. S

Aug 31, 2009

Well today started off great. No Mr. S to have to baby and no more responsible party to have to worry about. Oops. There goes the doorbell. Guess what – it’s Mr. S’s responsible party – and he brought someone with him. No it wasn’t Mr. S. Maybe he brought someone to assure there would be no problems. After all, he accused us of many things, all without basis.

The very strange thing was that if they actually believed the things they were accusing us of why didn’t they take Mr. S out of our facility! In fact, we had given them a 30 Day Notice to remove Mr. S about a month and a half or two before this one and they convinced my wife to let Mr. S stay! Really strange! Maybe they are the one that should be here in a place like ours. Seems like they have some sort of mental problem.

I shouldn’t say that because we know Mr. S was making up things, fabricating lies, and the responsible party believed them. This is another one of the hazards in this business. Someone with Alzheimer’s making up something that is totally untrue. The bad thing about it is that someone listening to them usually believes it. It’s happened before. Especially when they didn’t get their way they would make up a big lie.

Things went smoothly. All the belongings of Mr. S were cleared out and he was officially discharged, even though he was in the hospital. My two fax copiers were on the blink and my scanner wasn’t working since my computer operating system was reinstalled. This meant I had to make a special trip to the store to make a copy of the inventory of Mr. S’s belongings.

The responsible party followed me there and waited while I make a copy for them. After making the copy I walked over their vehicle and handed them the copy. I also told them how I felt due to the baseless accusations they made. All I heard from them were excuses, the season was part of the problem with Mr. S, another party was the culprit and let’s forget the matter and be friends.

I didn’t believe a word of it. I wondered if there would be more problems with them when they received the notice I sent raising the rent for Mr. S. He was out of the facility finally, but I had reservations about the responsible party. I felt maybe he was the one that should be in a place like ours. Believing the fantastic story Mr. S made up was step number one leading to that conclusion.

Electrostatic DischargeOther things we had found out about the responsible party pretty much sealed the deal, but I cannot say what they were. Let’s just say that Mr. S made up a bunch of lies. However we believe that part of that was the responsible party prompting him. Why do we think this? Well every time, the last couple of months, that Mr. S left with the responsible party for “lunch” or “the doctor” he would come back and act like a totally different person.

There was always something he would do different, accuse us of something we didn’t do, refuse to eat one or two following meals, refuse to get up the next morning, refuse to get off the toilet stool, and many more things he had not been doing before or not recently. It always happened when he returned with the responsible party; he was never the same as when he left.

I finished my little talk with the responsible party and drove back home, relieved that I would never have dealings with them again. At least that’s what I hoped.

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