Alzheimer’s: Mr. Q Behaves Well


Dementia – Alzheimer’s: Mr. Q Behaves Well

Transcribed by Honey B Wackx

Monday, Sept 12, 2008

The past few days Mr. Q has been behaving well. There have been no major problems. I think his medicines were adjusted somewhat since his last visit to the doctor. There has been no wandering, no major altercations and he has, as of the last two days been eating by himself in most cases. Yes he takes forever to eat, but he seems to have remembered how to eat most of the time.

He has not been getting up real early in the morning like he was for quite a while. Frequently he would get up sometime around 4 or 5 am and go to the bathroom. When that happened you could tell that his dementia was showing itself as he would be rather confused.

Although we have spent one to two hours each night the past few days getting him off to bed, he generally has not given us the problems we had before. He is fixated on spitting and gargling every time he goes in the bathroom. That is a cycle of spitting and gargling that seems to go on forever. Although he is not spitting as much as in the past it is still there. His shot and medicine for that helps.

We have had a change in caretakers and so far Mr. Q is behaving better than before. This time we have a man, where before we always had women. It takes a LOT of patience to handle Mr. Q so we will see how long this person can handle it. If Mr. Q would cooperate then everything would be so much easier. But that is something to hope for because Mr. Q generally ignores everything except what he wants to do.

He generally operates as if there is no one else in the house but him. That probably comes from being so independent in the past and never have been married. In addition he seems to have forgotten how to do most ordinary things. Mr. Q seems to forget how to swallow sometimes. He cannot dress or undress himself without major help. He does not know to wash his hands, at least not where it does any good. He cannot sit himself at the table without major help. Major means we have to virtually make him sit down in the chair. He cannot turn in the chair or move himself into the right position once in the chair.

There are many other things he has forgotten how to do, or it appears he does not know how to do them. sometimes even with a lot of help from us.

Today is not over so we will see if his dementia or Alzheimer’s shows itself the remainder of the day. If things go like the past few days those symptoms may not show.

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