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Tree of LifeThis is an expose of the happenings within our home which is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE).

Currently I am involved with my wife’s business, the RCFE in our home, taking care of elderly people. Some of you who have to do this with your parents or other relatives can relate to the frustrations of such work.

For me it is work, harder than anything I have ever had to do. Much more stressful than anything I have ever had to deal with on a daily basis. This site specifically concerns dementiaAlzheimer’s problems and day-to-day life with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease.

I will be adding more information on the problems and observations of Alzheimer’s and dementia residents we have been or currently are taking care of. Come back frequently to learn of new experiences.

Note: Follow Mr Q’s saga here under Mr. Q category and Mr. Q Pages and other Alzheimer’s info and experiences under Alzheimer’s.


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All the opinions expressed on this site, unless otherwise stated, are those of the website’s owner. They are his personal opinions. Alzheimer’s Daze is the vehicle by which they are published and the site itself does not make judgment on any of the situations or articles expressed on this site.


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